In the spring, Kentucky's legislature slapped a moratorium on new enrollees in its prepaid program. The freeze is in effect until at least June 2004. So unless someone has already opened an account and locked in a price, there's no guarantee that they'll be able to get in at all. More recently, the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, which oversees the state's College Advantage savings plan, hiked the price of its prepaid tuition credits by 22 percent to $95. That price incorporates a hefty 43 percent premium over the units' current redemption value.

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Two years ago, with discounts, the units could have been purchased for less than half as much. Each credit is redeemable for 1 percent of the average annual tuition at Ohio's public universities. At the same time, the agency discontinued a 5 percent discount for newborns and imposed a $2,000 per student annual limit on unit purchases. "It is a big price increase," said Sheri Lucas, an investment representative with Raymond James Financial Services in Kenwood.

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Now she wonders, "At $95 a credit, is it worth it?" The recent changes are a result of a burgeoning deficit that Ohio's tuition trust fund is facing, similar to those confronting many corporate pension funds. With investment returns shrinking and tuition increases outpacing its earlier assumptions, the trust's healthy surplus of a couple years ago has turned into a $271 million shortfall.